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Middle School Basketball Elite

Top 1 on 1 Players

By Travis Bledsoe

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Middle School Basketball Elite Top 1 on 1 Players

Here are the Top 1 on 1 Players we've had at Middle School Basketball Elite Camp since July 2020 Camp Season started. These campers have shown the ability to compete and win their 1 on 1 battles among their peers using a variety of different basketball skills to get it done.

Some players dominated with size and strength. Some used their separation and shooting ability to their advantage. While others used quick handles, a strong basketball IQ and extreme competitiveness to stand out.

The Future is bright for these developing Middle School talents and MSBElite is looking forward to following them throughout their career.

Jalen Wilson - Class of 2025

(Breck/Phelps Falcons)


Rhikenzo Lee - Class of 2026

(Byron/MN Splash)


Tori Oehrlein - Class of 2026

(Crosby-Ironton/MN Suns)


Jayden Moore - Class of 2026

(MN Spartans)


Joseph Jacobs - Class of 2027

(Park Center)


Nathan Merrell - Class of 2025

(Edgewood Middle School)


Analaya Salanoa - Class of 2027

(Roseville/North Tartan)


Brooke Johnson - Class of 2025

(Duluth Marshall)


Chloe Johnson - Class of 2028

(Starks Elite)


Tre Moore - Class of 2028

(MN Spartans)



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