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Middle School Basketball Elite

Get To Know Tori Oehrlein

By Travis Bledsoe

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MSB Elite Scouting Report

Tori Oehrlein

5'6 Guard

Class of 2026

It was phenomenal day for 6th grader Tori Oehrlien! Tori absolutely lit Middle School Basketball Elite Camp on fire with her tenacious defense, crafty drives and elite shooting range.

She reminded me of a young Dewanna Bonner the way she used her length and skill to her advantage on offense and defense, which proved to be a deadly combination at the 6th grade level.

Tori was crowned Middle School Basketball Elite Camp 1 on 1 Champion and Camp CO-MVP after a great performance in the championship.

Finally Tori showed off her improved shooting stroke taking home the Middle School Basketball Elite 3pt Championship. It's safe to say with the right work ethic Tori can become an Elite 3pt shooter.

Tori Oehlein is truly Middle School Basketball Elite ​and a guaranteed player you want to keep your eye on in the near future.

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